In general, an opinion is a judgment, viewpoint, or statement about matters commonly considered to be subjective.

What distinguishes fact from opinion is that facts are verifiable, i.e. can be objectively proven to have occurred. An example is: "United States of America was involved in the Vietnam War" versus "United States of America was right to get involved in the Vietnam War". An opinion may be supported by facts, in which case it becomes an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. Opinions rarely change without new arguments being presented. It can be reasoned that one opinion is better supported by the facts than another by analyzing the supporting arguments. In casual use, the term opinion may be the result of a person's perspective, understanding, particular feelings, beliefs, and desires. It may refer to unsubstantiated information, in contrast to knowledge and fact.

Collective or professional opinions are defined as meeting a higher standard to substantiate the opinion. (see below)

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An Attempt to go beyond legal mandate: Auditor general of Pakistan’s move to expand its scope, extent nailed

The News International 21 Oct 2021
The cabinet division sent the authoritative opinion of the attorney general office to the auditor general, asking it to communicate it to its offices and circulate to the regulatory authorities, including the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, National Electric Power ......

Did Covid-19 push public opinion in a more left-wing direction?

New Statesman 21 Oct 2021
The National Centre for Social Research has published the results of this year’s British Social Attitudes survey, the UK’s most important and longest-running tracker of British public opinion – based on a special online survey carried out in July 2020 and the regular British Social Attitudes annual survey carried out towards the end of that year....

How political partisanship governed in-person schooling during pandemic

Phys Dot Org 21 Oct 2021
"Based on public opinion polling in Michigan, partisanship and support for Trump were also strong predictors of the public's support for offering in-person school." ... "It wasn't until fall 2020 that we saw partisan polarization become a key factor in both local district decision making and public opinion," Reckhow said....

KATIE ZERR: Seeking of the truth is essential to democracy

Mobridge Tribune 21 Oct 2021
Every day in periodicals, on news casts, opinion shows and other “news” platforms, there are examples of attacks on democracy ... The attacks on the First Amendment and the fallout of loose interpretations of the truth are prevalent in today’s public ... The force of public opinion cannot be resisted when permitted freely to be expressed....

Sorrels overpass

Columbia Missourian 21 Oct 2021
The Missourian’s Opinion section is a public forum for the discussion of ideas....

Ali Azmat justifies embracing the MTV 'culture invasion' by insulting Madam Noor Jehan

Dawn 21 Oct 2021
Ali Azmat is not known for holding back when it comes to letting people know what he thinks — he certainly didn't when it came to taking a dig at Ali Zafar and the 2020 PSL anthem — but this time, his bold opinion has found little support ... Some called it a publicity stunt....

Let's have a civil debate on LGBTQ+I bill- President

Ghana News Agency 21 Oct 2021
He said there was need for respect for the opinions of all and sundry in the debate on the Proper Human Rights and Ghanaian ... He said though the Bill sought to check the activities of the LGBTQ community, there was need for the public to respect each other's opinion on the matter....

Should lawyers be exempt from money laundering regulations?

Castanet 21 Oct 2021
Kevin Westell made joint closing submissions today at a public inquiry into money laundering on behalf of the B.C ... extent to which members of the public will continue to feel confident that their dealings with lawyers would remain strictly confidential ... Have an opinion? Send it to....

99.9% of Climate Scientists Agree with Whoever is Paying Them

Principia Scientific 21 Oct 2021
In spite of such results, public opinion polls as well as opinions of politicians and public representatives point to false beliefs and claims that a significant debate still exists among scientists over the true cause of climate change ... carried out in the public sphere.”....

Understanding consumer perceptions of sustainability in the dairy industry

Phys Dot Org 21 Oct 2021
"Understanding where sustainability definitions overlap and diverge is more than a pedantic exercise; these definitions shape public opinion and policy and failing to consider the full ramifications of a chosen definition can have widespread consequences on the industry, the environment, and human quality of life."....

NCSW pursuing effective strategy to end violence against women

Urdu Point 21 Oct 2021
"These consultations are meant to gather a broad range of opinions to devise a pragmatic Strategic Plan for the Commission," she said adding that the final document of the Strategic Plan would be launched by the end of October ... gender equality in the public and private spheres."...

Zeeland Schools conducting survey for recreation millage renewal

The Holland Sentinel 21 Oct 2021
ZEELAND — Residents in the Zeeland Public Schools district will be asked for their opinions on a recreation millage in the coming weeks ... 18, meeting to gauge community support ... The survey will also ask respondents their opinions on how the district is handling finances and how they feel about the services offered by Zeeland Recreation ... ....

Iranians More Positive About New President

Gallup 21 Oct 2021
However, public opinion could sour rapidly if his government is unable to follow through on its pledge to swiftly address the pandemic situation ... In addition to sampling error, question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of public opinion polls....